Welcome to Daddy’s Duties

Hello everyone, and welcome to Daddy’s Duties, a webpage dedicated to the male perspective of life as a stay-at-home father.

I am your host, Eli James Yanna.

I will not be offering any sage advice, helpful information, or instructions on how to be a better husband or parent. Everything offered here is for entertainment purposes only.

These are stories of how I cope with being a full time father coping with a messy divorce and trying to make it as a writer while doing my best to keep up with three precocious girls and one beastly little boy. Oh yeah, and there is my sixteen-year-old son, too.

Most of the stories are meant to make you laugh, some will stir up some anger, and others might make you cry. Hopefully all of them will resonate with you as a struggling parent.

So sit back, crack a beer or pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy.